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So Mama Kat wants us to share our favorite song when we were 16.  The year was 1996 and I was a sophomore in high school.  Many things happened that year, my dad was stationed in Korea since the middle of 1995 and we moved back home to Illinois and lived with my grandma until we found a place to live.  I had my first job at Hardees and got to use my dad's 1989 Chevrolet Cavalier(many fond memories of that car but that isn't about this post)

It was the year of Alanis Morrisette..her anger towards the male species dominated the music charts and she understood me!  I was such a nerd, I was the one who adored guys from afar, I was the shy one, the one who got nervous around her school girl crushes.

An old friend of mine owned her CD and we played it constantly until we learned the words of every song.  I honestly don't have one favorite song of hers because I loved them all.  I will, however, post my two favorite ones.

Head over Feet One of the few songs of hers that was sick…

Can a parent be both a parent and a friend?

I have always thought about this growing up.  I honestly wanted to have a relationship with my mom, more than a mother/daughter relationship, but as I grew older I knew it just wasn't going to happen. We were 2 different people who grew up in 2 different generations.

But I noticed the relationship with my aunt and cousin and that argued my theory.  They had the kind of parent/friendship that I wanted so I hid my jealousy and anger.  Before I turned 18 we had the birth control talk and I loved that I could talk to her about it and she took me to a gynocologist.

As I got older I thought that we would have more of a relationship but her ideas and thoughts about subjects changed, we had different opinions about subjects, and grew more apart.  I finally saw how she really felt about me when I decided to leave my husband of 10 years.  She called me everything but a nice girl and I was floored, I didn't know a mother would think such horrible things about her daughter.

After my ex …

12 liner reminiscing post

I want to make this post as a reminder of my past blogs.  I had quite a few since 2008.  I started one when I was married to my ex husband and lived in Alaska.

I loathed, fought against, despised hated Alaska and you could see it in my posts from the past.

As I read my blog, I realized that I relinquished my marriage with every post I written.  I was a miserable wife, a mother who abandoned her children with time spent on facebook and myspace to block out the world.

I look back at friendships before and the friends that stayed through my precarious nature and I salute them, I want to give them huge hugs for still being here for me.  They took the term "friends forever" literally with me.  I was a very oppressive individual.

I thank God and my friends now who stuck by me all these years, I thank God for now giving me the man I deserved, the one I wished I found years ago..(ok he would be a young teenager then considering he's 6 years younger than I am!)

My girl crush

It is so weird when women talk about their girl crushes, its like a double standard because you know men don't do these things..well straight men at least..unless they are comfortable with their own sexuality..

I don't know who made up this word but I guess everyone has crushes be it the same or opposite sexes.  Mine has been Scarlett Johanssen for awhile but now it has changed to a cute redhead (as a fellow redhead I just love them, they are so fiery and full of spunk!)

Ree Drummond from The Pioneer Woman.  She's so quirky and silly and I'd have to say she's adorkable.  Her words and phrases enlighten me.  I try and watch her regularly and her recipes look so divine!

I would love to be in the kitchen with her cooking and talking about everything to her handsome husband and life on a ranch.  It sounds like a perfect afternoon!

I'm back (kind of)

So hubby works every night now so what else do I have to do after the kids go to bed?  Catch up on my blog of course..and the e-mails..and the facebook things..oh and sleep I suppose!  It has been hectic these days with trying to save money, pay bills, take care of kids, ect, ect!

I also decided to catch up on Mama Kat's Writing workshop and reminiscence about my kids going to the pumpkin patch in Marble Falls, TX

My surprise is added this year, he is getting so big and is adored by everyone and for only 6 months old he flirts like a teenager!

Boys will be boys

My inspiration for this post comes from this article I read from my facebook news feed.
Don't you hate that saying?  I heard it all the time growing up.

"Oh, he hit you, that means he likes you!"

 That echos through our innocent ears like the plague, we learn this, we actually believe its true..

No wonder domestic violence runs high in this nation.

Rape, spouse abuse, murder against women, its all there and adults tell us growing up 

"Boys will be boys"

No, this is not ok and we need to stand up and teach our daughters that being abused is not ok.  I have to play fight with my husband when the kids aren't around because they believed that it was ok to be mean to mommy when we did it in front of them, they are almost 7 and 9, boy and girl.  We thought at the time it was harmless fun but after hearing them talk about it, it was doing more damage than we thought.

As I was reading the article the mention of porn arised.  I admit to watching it, I think everyone has.  I…

Unconditional Love

Although I try not to talk about my personal life on this blog, I needed to write this post..

No, I had to..


Because this is about unconditional love

Mrs. Shugar asks this:
Give an example in your life when you have felt/given unconditional love. What defines unconditional love for you? Is it possible to love someone with no strings attached? 

When I got pregnant with baby #3 I was married to my second husband for a little over a year, we were having issues, trying to get past things, trying to figure out our future.  I was 8 weeks when I found out.  Mountain man was not happy, he wanted us to go over our options but I was not agreeing to them, this baby was meant to be here.  I believe he was the answer to everything I was questioning.  No matter what your religion is, God gives you the answer to things you need answering.
After letting everyone know the news, it was not happy news, both our families were not happy and let us know exactly how they felt.  We already had kids with…

Social media

I was reading this post from a fellow blogger and it inspired me to write this post.  I honestly feel that social media has taken our lives, or time, and our energy daily.  I remember after having kids I spent most of the majority of my time on Myspace.  I took that time instead of playing with my kids, watching them grow, and making memories and looking past it made me feel sad because now with a newborn I spend more time with him than I did with my other two.  I could blame it on my failed marriage or the fact that my first husband didn't care about anyone or anything but himself but those are moot answers, answers that shouldn't matter on the fact that I spent my time online instead of coloring with my kids or reading to them.

My dad used to tell me I couldn't spend one day without facebook.  I decided to prove him wrong.  I took a day out of my life and I did not log in once.  When I did I felt disconnected, I felt that I was forgetting to do something, like something …

Whew! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one!

I came across this article on my facebook newsfeed and had to read about it.  Growing up I always longed to be liked and to have many friends.  As I got older I realized that having many friends isn't as amazing as I pictured.  I was an army wife for 10 years and I met a lot of people, many wives who I thought were great friends and turned out to be backstabbing, drama filled children.  I have jumped back in my bubble for awhile now and my life coach insists that the reason for some of my depression is that I don't have any female friends around.  I suppose that could be the cause of it but does it outweigh the possible drama and unnecessary BS?  Maybe I am a bit pessimistic but when I get my hopes up things once again fall apart.

I recently started talking to some women from a yard sale group I am in and I'm trying to be optimistic about it..I'm just not looking forward to the awkwardness of trying to say/do things to not show how outspoken and completely insane I can…


Here are a few of my favorite sites that send free stuff.  I usually receive them in a few weeks and most of them come with coupons(which are really nice!).  Since learning that I can download the kindle for my PC I am also posting a few free Kindle books also!

I try and update this regularly and let you know on some great deals as well!

Love Languages

The topic of "All you need is love" is do you like to show it or say it?

When my mountain man and I got together we didn't say "I love you" for a couple weeks(and I have to make sure that everyone knows he was the first one to say it..psh..).  He did show it by making me soup and bringing me flowers when I was sick.  He showed it by being there for me when I was going through a rough time in my life.  After the official words he says it daily, every day, even sitting on the couch he tells me.

We have one son together who was born in April and I hope that he grows up to love and we will make sure he knows and how to give love.  We have 5 children total, 2 from his first marriage and 2 from mine and then of course the little man.  My 2 live with us and they love him like a father(and love to gang up on their mother!)

I have not read the 5 Love Languages but have heard of the book.  I am planning on getting it on Kindle in the future, I think it will strengthen…

Instagramming(is that a word?)

My latest picture on my instagram is one of my surprise, one of the three that keeps me going.  He is a spitting image of his father and the grumpiness and stubbornness to go along with it(and to think he's only 6 weeks old!).  He is the light of my life and the reason why I look like I haven't slept in days.

Mama Kat is this cuteness enough or what?

Go over to Mama Kats page and leave her love also!

Vacation is supposed to be fun right?

Growing up, my parents used to take us on sporadic trips to anywhere.  My mom despised being in the house and it was good for all of us to do something other than parked out on the couch watching mindless TV.  When my dad got stationed to Germany we were pretty stoked.  We got to go to Amsterdam and Paris and see the Black was pretty epic!

Well Mama Kat wanted to know the 13 things I love about vacations and I think I can bring myself to at least come up with that...and it allows me to go through 2342390000 pictures my mom has trapped underneath plastic in her millions of photo albums.  I have come across a few that I am allowing the public to see.

My dad joined the army when I was 8 so we traveled.

A lot.

1) We saw sites we've never seen before

2) Souvenirs!

3) Going to the beach all the time

4) Visiting relatives you actually want to visit

5) Excuse to sleep in the car without being interrupted

6) Sitting in the back of the van with my sister texting each other and t…

Looking over the past few years

I had published a lot of blogs the past, oh, 7 years and this one I decided to read because it was during my single days after my separation/divorce.  I wrote it to try and get over my anger towards my ex and try to at least vent without using facebook.  I was a mess and I thought I needed love to fill that void in my life.  I spent 2 years after my separation to try and "find" myself so to speak and what I found was a bunch of men who were married or trying to find their own void to fill..if you get my drift.

I went through a lot and got my heart broken..a lot.  I'm now remarried to a guy who turned my life around and helped me see that there are some good in this world.  He isn't perfect and our relationship had its rocky moments but I finally felt "in love" for once..and not the teenage love..

Lies! All lies!

I actually wrote this post a few days ago but I tweaked it a little for the...

Ok, maybe I'm getting a bit dramatic but after giving birth to baby #3 I lost 25 lbs.  I am now breastfeeding and gained 5 lbs back.

What is all this hype I heard about breastfeeding makes you lose weight?

Ok, ok, I'm being too hard on myself for someone who just gave birth a little over a month but I just feel gross(and thats not good for someone who is supposed to love themselves!)

But here's my history of breastfeeding...

I only nursed my first for about a month but that was a pain in the butt mainly because he wouldn't latch properly and I didn't have a good support system.  My second I nursed for a few months before we both got thrush, that was not a fun time..sore nipples and my daughters mouth was white and she was miserable as well!

Yeah try doing that and taking care of a hyper 2 year old on top of that!

My now husband insisted on me breastfeeding this one and I'm doing exc…

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope all the mommies had a fabulous day!  I'm sharing this video as it never fails to make me laugh so hard I'm crying!

Goonies Never Say Die!

So recently I learned that there is going to be a sequel to my favorite childhood movie according to Screenrant

At first I was like:

But now I'm like:

Why you ask?

Because Goonies is a CLASSIC 80s film.

Just like The Lost Boys...

 (have you tried to swallow the second?!?)

Just don't screw it up Richard Donner or you may have your hands full with us fans flooding your social media...

Or we may just make you do the Truffle Shuffle and post it on Youtube...

Clowns? Really?

Mama Kat wants me to list 6 things I fear and chose the one that fears me the most.

1. Clowns
2. Heights
3. enclosed spaces
4. cockroaches
5. fear of the unknown
6. not being able to make it financially

I chose the one that a lot of people would shake their head and go why?  Why would you be afraid of a clown?  They are colorful, funny, and make you laugh.

I mean who would be afraid of this?

Yeah, me either.  But after a film I watched when I was younger (Stephen King's IT) proved otherwise.  Yeah, its a movie but c'mon, this could shatter childhoods everywhere.

That's enough clowns for me today.

Go by Mama Kats and show her some love!

Why didn't I think of this amazing idea??

So I was over at the SITS site blog reading and came across this site that lead me to this site and I thought "WOW, this is a great idea!"  I am thinking about doing this next month since you have to sign up by the 4th of the month to get a place.  I love getting packages in the mail as well as trying new foods.  Let me know if you decide to sign up and how it goes!

Motivation? I have none

I remember being motivated...I was, oh, 21, newly married to husband #1 and the thought of having kids was so far back on the burner you would have had to pull the stove back.  I had bills organized, the house was always sparkling clean, and my life was pretty manageable.

Fast forward to now..

I have been married to husband #2 for almost 2 years now, finances are insane, money is tight, kids are 6 and 8 going on teenagers and my one month old sees me as his milk machine.  In spite of living in a circus, I do enjoy life with my husband and he keeps me grounded when I feel like spiraling downhill.  He treats my 2 oldest as his own which is a big help and gives me the baby when he is whining to eat!  I am trying to keep on track with everything (hey, the laundry can stay in the dryer for a couple days right?).  I'm just thankful I now only am home with one kid instead of an infant and a toddler like I was back in 2007!

I just need to find some motivation to get at least a 15 minute…

Getting my act together

Well he's finally here, after a night of labor(and a messed up epidural) he arrived in the morning of April 9 all 7 lbs 19 oz of him!  I haven't updated until now but this little man can eat and now with 3 kids in tow its been a circus!

He's now a month old(on Wednesday).  Can't believe how fast it has gone by already!  I am now a mom to 3 kids, never thought I'd say it!

So now I am getting my act together, trying to start up a blog and hopefully in the near future a home bakery, and hopefully our finances together.

Organized? Really?

Before I had kids I was a neat freak, I was organized, I used a planner. With 2 kids, one on the way, and a disorganized husband it has been a complete disaster. I go to pinterest and search for organization ideas and found like a million blogs and I don’t know where to start.  I see one blog and I like that, then I see another and I like that one much better. This is exhausting! So I am going to go back to researching blogs while the hubby plays his war games. Wish me good luck!

Mama Kat's Writers Workshop

She has a few topics that I want to discuss: The Prompts: 1.) A blog post inspired by the word: modest
2.) 7 kitchen tips based on mistakes you have made in the past.
3.) Your favorite childrens book.
4.) Something new you’re loving.
5.) Something that is a challenge for you. I decided to choose the kitchen tips based on mistakes since I love to cook and bake. 1) Cornstarch is never a replacement for flour unless you are thickening sauces
2) Foil on top of an old dark baking sheet will still make cookies burn on the bottom
3) There IS a difference between baking powder and baking soda
4) Believe it or not, there IS such thing as too much cheese
5) Make sure you have an oven thermometer in an old oven
6) Meat you leave in the fridge for over a week should never be cooked, let alone eaten
7) If you make your own recipe go by a recipe you find in a book or online before attempting to re-create your own

Being a procrastinator isn't a good time right now

So as I'm getting the ideas for my baking business AND my blog for my baking business I have to get ready to move.

I. Hate. Moving.

But that is more from growing up with a dad in the army and moving every 2-3 years THEN I was married to a soldier who moved every 2 years, was married to him for 10 years then I recently got remarried to a soldier who got out last year.

So procrastinating isn't a good idea for me right now.  I have a 6 and an 8 year old AND will be having a baby in April..whew..yeah, crazy life I lead I know.  Unfortunately I can't do much til he is born but right now just researching, blogging, reading other people's blogs, getting some influence is helping me right now.

Til later

Freebies and such

I LOVE freebies(and who doesn't?) so I did some searching around while looking for some at home jobs..what a headache that is!  And I came across some good ones.  I also try and catch up with Savealotmom who is a local in my area.  I am also big on sites that give rewards for gift cards and such.  Here are a list of my faves!


I have a bunch more that I will post as I go, as for now enjoy!

I have time but don't know where to start!

Pinterest has been my bff lately BUT I have no clue where to start on organizing my house.  I can't say I don't have time BUT with being 6 months pregnant(with a 6 and 8 year old in tow) and always either tired or hungry my attention goes elsewhere.  Stress and lack of motivation is overwhelming!  I am hoping and praying that my husband gets a new job so we don't have to worry much about bills.  I am still learning and researching on how to be more organized so my husband and I don't bicker at each other about the house!