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Boys will be boys

My inspiration for this post comes from this article I read from my facebook news feed.
Don't you hate that saying?  I heard it all the time growing up.

"Oh, he hit you, that means he likes you!"

 That echos through our innocent ears like the plague, we learn this, we actually believe its true..

No wonder domestic violence runs high in this nation.

Rape, spouse abuse, murder against women, its all there and adults tell us growing up 

"Boys will be boys"

No, this is not ok and we need to stand up and teach our daughters that being abused is not ok.  I have to play fight with my husband when the kids aren't around because they believed that it was ok to be mean to mommy when we did it in front of them, they are almost 7 and 9, boy and girl.  We thought at the time it was harmless fun but after hearing them talk about it, it was doing more damage than we thought.

As I was reading the article the mention of porn arised.  I admit to watching it, I think everyone has.  I…