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Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles

I decided to make a post about these amazing cookies I found on Picky Palate blog.  My kids had today off because of Veterans Day and they were driving me uber insane.  I would have made them go outside but it was cold and windy and I didn't need them to get sick so what a perfect time to make these melt in your mouth goodness.

I made a couple of adjustments but don't we always do this to recipes to make them our own?

My venture of looking to make money online

Well with a husband who works 80 hours a week 35 minutes away, a 10 month old, and 2 school age kids I have been stuck at home.  Don't get me wrong, I love my family BUT I am not a homebody, I WANT to work but with everything going on in life its next to impossible to work outside the home.  I have been looking for legit jobs.  I did have one for a few weeks then found out it was performance based sales and seeming that I am not good at selling it didn't last long.  I have signed up for some surveys and I am still looking for a work at home job.  I joined some groups on facebook but most of them you have to pay...I don't believe you should have to pay to work anywhere.  I don't want a business right now, I hate bugging people to buy crap they really don't want nor need.  
Here are some of the surveys/reward sites I have signed up for: