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Mom shaming

So I grew up in the 80s so when it comes to parenting now it boggles my mind.  I know that many mom bloggers that are around my age and older have touched on this subject many times.

Mom shaming

I decided to make this post as an inspiration from a post I read earlier today on a facebook page.  A mom was appalled when she saw 2 young kids jumping up and down in the backseat of a car.  I kinda giggled to myself but then remembered that a lot of moms these days didn't grow up in the same generation I did.  We were never rear faced, my mom actually held me in her arms in the front seat of the car after I was born.  Many people argue about the structure of cars then and now and yes, cars were built better back when I was growing up and even before BUT accidents still happened those days also.  You can ask anyone who was born before 1990 and ask them about laying on the back dashboard of the car.  They will tell you stories!

I had my son in 2005 and during my pregnancy I read so many thi…

I'm back!

So I totally forgot I had this blog and made another one the other day...oops...

Well, I'm back and I'm ready to blog some more.  I'm thinking about vlogging as well.  Stay tuned for posts soon!