Mom shaming

So I grew up in the 80s so when it comes to parenting now it boggles my mind.  I know that many mom bloggers that are around my age and older have touched on this subject many times.

Mom shaming

I decided to make this post as an inspiration from a post I read earlier today on a facebook page.  A mom was appalled when she saw 2 young kids jumping up and down in the backseat of a car.  I kinda giggled to myself but then remembered that a lot of moms these days didn't grow up in the same generation I did.  We were never rear faced, my mom actually held me in her arms in the front seat of the car after I was born.  Many people argue about the structure of cars then and now and yes, cars were built better back when I was growing up and even before BUT accidents still happened those days also.  You can ask anyone who was born before 1990 and ask them about laying on the back dashboard of the car.  They will tell you stories!

How did we ever survive??

I had my son in 2005 and during my pregnancy I read so many things about infants and I asked my mom about it.  I showed her all these things you aren't supposed to do and what you are supposed to do.  She shook her head and said "This is insane".

When I first gave my son a bath, she wanted to take pictures because, well, thats what moms did back in the day.  I covered up what I needed to and she's like, "Um, what are you doing?"  I told her that now you have to cover up the private parts because people are worried about pedophiles and weirdos online if you post it on social media (Myspace was popular at the time).  She just rolled her eyes and said "Ok".

When I was growing up my parents would take pictures of us with unlit cigarettes in our mouths, I believe there is a picture of me holding up a bottle of Jack Daniels to my mouth (the cap was on just FYI).  People didn't care about things like that, they thought it was hilarious, and we didn't have the internet or cell phones to entertain us!

I grew up with my sister and cousins and we made our own entertainment.  My cousins had a metal swingset that wasn't anchored to the ground.  We also took the plastic pool and put the slide on it and slid down into the pool.  We drank from a well water pump, my aunt and uncle had an actual pump for years until they took it out.  We lived in a country town in Illinois and we never worried about a thing.  My little town has gotten a bit bigger and not as safe as it used to be.

One thing is for certain, every generation is going to be different, every mom is going to be different.  We aren't perfect moms and our moms weren't perfect either.  We all just thought what we were doing was the best we could do for our children.

When you see that new mom struggling, ask her for help, don't criticize her for what she is doing.  Don't tell her what she should do, ask her what you can do to help.  We all were her at one time.

Love each other because moms need it, we all need it!


  1. Amen! I grew up in the 80's as well. I remember sitting in the front seat when I was really small. I probably didn't have to wear a seat belt either. Now we have to buckle in our kids like they're about to go off roading.
    But I agree with you that we are too quick to judge and too quick to snap at moms instead of offering help or just simply... minding our own business.

    1. Yes, I agree! I think we are doing the best we can do and our moms and the moms before all did what we all thought was best! Thanks for stopping by!


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