Clowns? Really?

Mama Kat wants me to list 6 things I fear and chose the one that fears me the most.

1. Clowns
2. Heights
3. enclosed spaces
4. cockroaches
5. fear of the unknown
6. not being able to make it financially

I chose the one that a lot of people would shake their head and go why?  Why would you be afraid of a clown?  They are colorful, funny, and make you laugh.

I mean who would be afraid of this?

Yeah, me either.  But after a film I watched when I was younger (Stephen King's IT) proved otherwise.  Yeah, its a movie but c'mon, this could shatter childhoods everywhere.

And a balloon? I’ve got red and green and yellow and blue...
That's enough clowns for me today.

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  1. I haaaaaate clowns! They are creepy. Except for Fizbo, Cam's clown character on Modern Family. He is the only clown I can tolerate.

  2. That movie made me laaaaaugh. I know that sounds sick, but it did. I read the book, being an avid Stephen King fan, and the book was scary. The BOOK gave me goosebumps. And then I watched the movie. The images in my mind were so much scarier than what I saw in the movie that I couldn't help but laugh at the movie. Nope. I'll never be afraid of clowns. I'm sorry that you are, though.

    1. PS: It's just Tim Curry in that clown suit. I mean...he also dressed like this once:

      *shrug* Try imagining that next time you think about that clown. :)

    2. lol my sister is worse than I am when it comes to them!

  3. yeah, clowns are pretty creepy. Stopping by from mama kats kelley at the road goes ever ever on

  4. I have two cousins that are clowns for Barnum and Bailey... creepier without makeup.

  5. I've known a couple people with clown phobia. They hate the circus. One guy couldn't stand any kind of talking puppet with lines on either side of it's moving mouth (like Howdy Doodie)

  6. I wonder if Tim Curry realizes just how many childhoods he has ruined... between It and The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

  7. Ewww, I think the sharp teeth definitely increase the creep factor!

  8. I am sooooo with you on this one! Never liked the statues, dolls, etc. of clowns. Never have I liked real clowns...certainly all caused by seeing IT!


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