Vacation is supposed to be fun right?

Growing up, my parents used to take us on sporadic trips to anywhere.  My mom despised being in the house and it was good for all of us to do something other than parked out on the couch watching mindless TV.  When my dad got stationed to Germany we were pretty stoked.  We got to go to Amsterdam and Paris and see the Black was pretty epic!

Well Mama Kat wanted to know the 13 things I love about vacations and I think I can bring myself to at least come up with that...and it allows me to go through 2342390000 pictures my mom has trapped underneath plastic in her millions of photo albums.  I have come across a few that I am allowing the public to see.

My dad joined the army when I was 8 so we traveled.

A lot.

1) We saw sites we've never seen before

2) Souvenirs!

3) Going to the beach all the time

4) Visiting relatives you actually want to visit

5) Excuse to sleep in the car without being interrupted

6) Sitting in the back of the van with my sister texting each other and taking stupid pics

7) Staying at hotels (I am one of the weird ones who love staying at them)

8) Going to Disney World!!

Don't mind the awkward 16 year old with the braces....

9) Getting to eat at restaurants

10) no chores

11) no schedules!


13) Just being able to unwind!


  1. Yup, I agree with all of those.

  2. What an awesome experience! All those memories, traveling abroad, AND a mother who was documenting it all before documenting it all was the cool thing to do. I love that she kept it all!


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