Whew! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one!

I came across this article on my facebook newsfeed and had to read about it.  Growing up I always longed to be liked and to have many friends.  As I got older I realized that having many friends isn't as amazing as I pictured.  I was an army wife for 10 years and I met a lot of people, many wives who I thought were great friends and turned out to be backstabbing, drama filled children.  I have jumped back in my bubble for awhile now and my life coach insists that the reason for some of my depression is that I don't have any female friends around.  I suppose that could be the cause of it but does it outweigh the possible drama and unnecessary BS?  Maybe I am a bit pessimistic but when I get my hopes up things once again fall apart.

I recently started talking to some women from a yard sale group I am in and I'm trying to be optimistic about it..I'm just not looking forward to the awkwardness of trying to say/do things to not show how outspoken and completely insane I can be. offend them.


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