Motivation? I have none

I remember being motivated...I was, oh, 21, newly married to husband #1 and the thought of having kids was so far back on the burner you would have had to pull the stove back.  I had bills organized, the house was always sparkling clean, and my life was pretty manageable.

Fast forward to now..

I have been married to husband #2 for almost 2 years now, finances are insane, money is tight, kids are 6 and 8 going on teenagers and my one month old sees me as his milk machine.  In spite of living in a circus, I do enjoy life with my husband and he keeps me grounded when I feel like spiraling downhill.  He treats my 2 oldest as his own which is a big help and gives me the baby when he is whining to eat!  I am trying to keep on track with everything (hey, the laundry can stay in the dryer for a couple days right?).  I'm just thankful I now only am home with one kid instead of an infant and a toddler like I was back in 2007!

I just need to find some motivation to get at least a 15 minute workout..I can keep dreaming having a slammin body but my husband continues to remind me I am sexy to him!


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