Social media

I was reading this post from a fellow blogger and it inspired me to write this post.  I honestly feel that social media has taken our lives, or time, and our energy daily.  I remember after having kids I spent most of the majority of my time on Myspace.  I took that time instead of playing with my kids, watching them grow, and making memories and looking past it made me feel sad because now with a newborn I spend more time with him than I did with my other two.  I could blame it on my failed marriage or the fact that my first husband didn't care about anyone or anything but himself but those are moot answers, answers that shouldn't matter on the fact that I spent my time online instead of coloring with my kids or reading to them.

My dad used to tell me I couldn't spend one day without facebook.  I decided to prove him wrong.  I took a day out of my life and I did not log in once.  When I did I felt disconnected, I felt that I was forgetting to do something, like something wasn't right.  Right then and there I realized how much social media takes over our lives.  People can say "Oh, I can stop going online, I can stop using social media"

Ok, do it for ONE day and comment back about what happened during your day.


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