Looking over the past few years

I had published a lot of blogs the past, oh, 7 years and this one I decided to read because it was during my single days after my separation/divorce.  I wrote it to try and get over my anger towards my ex and try to at least vent without using facebook.  I was a mess and I thought I needed love to fill that void in my life.  I spent 2 years after my separation to try and "find" myself so to speak and what I found was a bunch of men who were married or trying to find their own void to fill..if you get my drift.

I went through a lot and got my heart broken..a lot.  I'm now remarried to a guy who turned my life around and helped me see that there are some good in this world.  He isn't perfect and our relationship had its rocky moments but I finally felt "in love" for once..and not the teenage love..


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