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So Mama Kat wants us to share our favorite song when we were 16.  The year was 1996 and I was a sophomore in high school.  Many things happened that year, my dad was stationed in Korea since the middle of 1995 and we moved back home to Illinois and lived with my grandma until we found a place to live.  I had my first job at Hardees and got to use my dad's 1989 Chevrolet Cavalier(many fond memories of that car but that isn't about this post)

It was the year of Alanis Morrisette..her anger towards the male species dominated the music charts and she understood me!  I was such a nerd, I was the one who adored guys from afar, I was the shy one, the one who got nervous around her school girl crushes.

An old friend of mine owned her CD and we played it constantly until we learned the words of every song.  I honestly don't have one favorite song of hers because I loved them all.  I will, however, post my two favorite ones.

Head over Feet One of the few songs of hers that was sick…

Can a parent be both a parent and a friend?

I have always thought about this growing up.  I honestly wanted to have a relationship with my mom, more than a mother/daughter relationship, but as I grew older I knew it just wasn't going to happen. We were 2 different people who grew up in 2 different generations.

But I noticed the relationship with my aunt and cousin and that argued my theory.  They had the kind of parent/friendship that I wanted so I hid my jealousy and anger.  Before I turned 18 we had the birth control talk and I loved that I could talk to her about it and she took me to a gynocologist.

As I got older I thought that we would have more of a relationship but her ideas and thoughts about subjects changed, we had different opinions about subjects, and grew more apart.  I finally saw how she really felt about me when I decided to leave my husband of 10 years.  She called me everything but a nice girl and I was floored, I didn't know a mother would think such horrible things about her daughter.

After my ex …

12 liner reminiscing post

I want to make this post as a reminder of my past blogs.  I had quite a few since 2008.  I started one when I was married to my ex husband and lived in Alaska.

I loathed, fought against, despised hated Alaska and you could see it in my posts from the past.

As I read my blog, I realized that I relinquished my marriage with every post I written.  I was a miserable wife, a mother who abandoned her children with time spent on facebook and myspace to block out the world.

I look back at friendships before and the friends that stayed through my precarious nature and I salute them, I want to give them huge hugs for still being here for me.  They took the term "friends forever" literally with me.  I was a very oppressive individual.

I thank God and my friends now who stuck by me all these years, I thank God for now giving me the man I deserved, the one I wished I found years ago..(ok he would be a young teenager then considering he's 6 years younger than I am!)

My girl crush

It is so weird when women talk about their girl crushes, its like a double standard because you know men don't do these things..well straight men at least..unless they are comfortable with their own sexuality..

I don't know who made up this word but I guess everyone has crushes be it the same or opposite sexes.  Mine has been Scarlett Johanssen for awhile but now it has changed to a cute redhead (as a fellow redhead I just love them, they are so fiery and full of spunk!)

Ree Drummond from The Pioneer Woman.  She's so quirky and silly and I'd have to say she's adorkable.  Her words and phrases enlighten me.  I try and watch her regularly and her recipes look so divine!

I would love to be in the kitchen with her cooking and talking about everything to her handsome husband and life on a ranch.  It sounds like a perfect afternoon!