12 liner reminiscing post

I want to make this post as a reminder of my past blogs.  I had quite a few since 2008.  I started one when I was married to my ex husband and lived in Alaska.

I loathed, fought against, despised hated Alaska and you could see it in my posts from the past.

As I read my blog, I realized that I relinquished my marriage with every post I written.  I was a miserable wife, a mother who abandoned her children with time spent on facebook and myspace to block out the world.

I look back at friendships before and the friends that stayed through my precarious nature and I salute them, I want to give them huge hugs for still being here for me.  They took the term "friends forever" literally with me.  I was a very oppressive individual.

I thank God and my friends now who stuck by me all these years, I thank God for now giving me the man I deserved, the one I wished I found years ago..(ok he would be a young teenager then considering he's 6 years younger than I am!)

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