My girl crush

It is so weird when women talk about their girl crushes, its like a double standard because you know men don't do these things..well straight men at least..unless they are comfortable with their own sexuality..

I don't know who made up this word but I guess everyone has crushes be it the same or opposite sexes.  Mine has been Scarlett Johanssen for awhile but now it has changed to a cute redhead (as a fellow redhead I just love them, they are so fiery and full of spunk!)

Ree Drummond from The Pioneer Woman.  She's so quirky and silly and I'd have to say she's adorkable.  Her words and phrases enlighten me.  I try and watch her regularly and her recipes look so divine!

I would love to be in the kitchen with her cooking and talking about everything to her handsome husband and life on a ranch.  It sounds like a perfect afternoon!


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