Can a parent be both a parent and a friend?

I have always thought about this growing up.  I honestly wanted to have a relationship with my mom, more than a mother/daughter relationship, but as I grew older I knew it just wasn't going to happen. We were 2 different people who grew up in 2 different generations.

But I noticed the relationship with my aunt and cousin and that argued my theory.  They had the kind of parent/friendship that I wanted so I hid my jealousy and anger.  Before I turned 18 we had the birth control talk and I loved that I could talk to her about it and she took me to a gynocologist.

As I got older I thought that we would have more of a relationship but her ideas and thoughts about subjects changed, we had different opinions about subjects, and grew more apart.  I finally saw how she really felt about me when I decided to leave my husband of 10 years.  She called me everything but a nice girl and I was floored, I didn't know a mother would think such horrible things about her daughter.

After my ex husband and I divorced I was pretty wild, I knew she talked about me and my actions.  I knew she didn't approve of my newly single lifestyle.  When I met my husband now I calmed down, he calmed me down and I think she liked that.

I still to this day wish we had a better relationship but she will continue to remind me.."I am not your friend, I am your mother"

What are your thoughts on the subject?


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