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Truckers and Respect

I decided to start vlogging and I thought that my first vlog should be something that should be addressed.  If you like it, comment!


I have a 3 year old so you know that at that age they tend to say some off the wall stuff.  I have so many words and phrases that this kid says that you just tilt your head and go, "What??"

He's potty trained now so when he goes #2 he insists that I look at it.  I think its a boy thing because my oldest did that too when he was his age.

Him: Mommy come look at my poop!
Me: *groans* Do I have to?
Him: Yes, there's a lot!

He also loves to mess with my husband on FaceTime.  They will call each other a baby or he will get our son to say some off the wall phrases.  It is a never ending cycle with this one.

I am sad that he's our last but happy because I don't have to potty train anymore!

By the way, if anyone knows how to do Mama Kat's link properly let me know because I've been trying to fix it!

One thing I need to mention

I wanted to let my readers know that I will NOT be blogging anything political or anything that would deem offensive. I don't know about y'all but I will get into a blog, even follow their Facebook page because I like what they post, then when election time hits, they want to start in on their views, their opinions, and what they think.

 I really didn't like your page to know what you think about politics. I already have liked the pages the people who talk about politics and that have the same viewpoints as I do.

 I like mommy pages because of the humor, the ideas, and the information that relate to the topic at hand. Some of my favorite bloggers have rubbed me the wrong way when it came to election time and I was really going to stop reading their blogs but I had been such a fan for so long that I just ignore the posts that I don't really care about.

This is a blog about my life as a mom, wife, student, and future pastry chef! :)

Finding side jobs

So I've been on and off with this site called Fiverr.  I have made some decent money since I started last year.  It's a great little side job especially if you have some experience in virtual assisting, singing, voice over, and so forth.  I started a new gig today and will see if I get anyone to hire me.

Not everyone's cup of tea

Growing up I was the awkward shy one.  I was the one who got in trouble for reading while everyone else was in trouble for talking too much.  Fast forward I now talk too much and read very little.  Since my dad was in the army I didn't try to make many friends, the ones I did make, I kept.  As a matter of fact I still talk to them thanks to social media.

When I became a teenager I only had a handful of friends and I wasn't popular with the guys.  I didn't have a boyfriend...(unless you counted a guy I met online and dated for a couple of weeks and broke up because he was too busy with college, yep, I was a senior in high school dating a college guy!) 

After I met and married my first husband I tried to make friends wherever we went, I didn't care who, I just craved wanted friends. 

I was fake, I faked who I was, how I was, just to have friends.  I wasn't the real me.  I also was one to gossip and gossip to the wrong people.  If I was friends with someone and we had…


Blog prompt was from Mama Kat (I can't figure out how to do the html part, its been forever since I've done it!)

5. Share something you miss from before you became a mom

I miss the freedom of spontaneity. When I was first married, my husband at the time was stationed in Germany and was gone about 95% of the time in the field. The army had him gone every few months so I took full advantage of it and saw everything I wanted to see. I had gone on trips to Amsterdam, France, and the Black Forest. We were going to go to England and Italy but didn't make time to go. My dad was also stationed here the same time we were so I went on trips with my mom and sister also. I had made friends who had children and they didn't go out much. I didn't want to live like that.

I actually didn't want children, ok a part of me did, but I enjoyed my child free life. My husband at the time talked to me about having kids when he came back from deployment. I was 24 at the time …

Being Ugly

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You always hear the saying "God don't like ugly!" and the quote deems true.  People are so ugly towards each other and I have to admit that I was like that for years.

People who have ugly in their heart bring it out in ways that they can't understand and what others can't understand(or maybe try to).  I have taught my kids to be kind and considerate towards others and it shows through their words and actions.  People come up to me and let me know how amazing they are and it shows pride that I've done a great job.  Looking back at myself I wasn't always that way.

By the time I was 8 my dad joined the army so we moved around, a lot.  I made friends here and there but if you grew up in the army life you knew that you'd eventually have to move and we did, every 2-3 years.  Thankfully through social media I reconnected with friends from school and we keep up with each other.

When I met my now ex husband I just was 19, the self…

Mom shaming

So I grew up in the 80s so when it comes to parenting now it boggles my mind.  I know that many mom bloggers that are around my age and older have touched on this subject many times.

Mom shaming

I decided to make this post as an inspiration from a post I read earlier today on a facebook page.  A mom was appalled when she saw 2 young kids jumping up and down in the backseat of a car.  I kinda giggled to myself but then remembered that a lot of moms these days didn't grow up in the same generation I did.  We were never rear faced, my mom actually held me in her arms in the front seat of the car after I was born.  Many people argue about the structure of cars then and now and yes, cars were built better back when I was growing up and even before BUT accidents still happened those days also.  You can ask anyone who was born before 1990 and ask them about laying on the back dashboard of the car.  They will tell you stories!

I had my son in 2005 and during my pregnancy I read so many thi…

I'm back!

So I totally forgot I had this blog and made another one the other day...oops...

Well, I'm back and I'm ready to blog some more.  I'm thinking about vlogging as well.  Stay tuned for posts soon!