Lies! All lies!

I actually wrote this post a few days ago but I tweaked it a little for the...


Ok, maybe I'm getting a bit dramatic but after giving birth to baby #3 I lost 25 lbs.  I am now breastfeeding and gained 5 lbs back.

What is all this hype I heard about breastfeeding makes you lose weight?

Ok, ok, I'm being too hard on myself for someone who just gave birth a little over a month but I just feel gross(and thats not good for someone who is supposed to love themselves!)

But here's my history of breastfeeding...

I only nursed my first for about a month but that was a pain in the butt mainly because he wouldn't latch properly and I didn't have a good support system.  My second I nursed for a few months before we both got thrush, that was not a fun time..sore nipples and my daughters mouth was white and she was miserable as well!

Yeah try doing that and taking care of a hyper 2 year old on top of that!

My now husband insisted on me breastfeeding this one and I'm doing excellent..he is a great support system and wakes me up to tell me the baby is hungry helps me when needed.

So with all this frustration I decided to try Weight Watchers but I didn't want to pay for it so I did research and came across this blog dedicated to points, recipes, and links to help me.  I get an additional 14 points for nursing and its very easy to follow..I have been hungry all the time due to him feeding every 2 hours so lets just see how well I can do with it!

But I have to admit my husband still thinks I'm beautiful and thats ok with me!


  1. Wow! Every pregnancy/baby turns out to be different. Happy to hear you are losing the weight sensibly. I look forward to workout out eventually. Thank you for joining the project!


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