Mama Kat's Writers Workshop

She has a few topics that I want to discuss:
The Prompts:
1.) A blog post inspired by the word: modest
2.) 7 kitchen tips based on mistakes you have made in the past.
3.) Your favorite childrens book.
4.) Something new you’re loving.
5.) Something that is a challenge for you.
I decided to choose the kitchen tips based on mistakes since I love to cook and bake.
1) Cornstarch is never a replacement for flour unless you are thickening sauces
2) Foil on top of an old dark baking sheet will still make cookies burn on the bottom
3) There IS a difference between baking powder and baking soda
4) Believe it or not, there IS such thing as too much cheese
5) Make sure you have an oven thermometer in an old oven
6) Meat you leave in the fridge for over a week should never be cooked, let alone eaten
7) If you make your own recipe go by a recipe you find in a book or online before attempting to re-create your own


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