You! To the Principals office!

I had always been a pretty good student, always trying to stay out of trouble, the shy one...though my friends would probably laugh at that.  My senior year of high school I wanted it to be memorable so I joined clubs, kept busy, ect.  My principal at that time was also the principal when I was in grade school so he knew me well and considering I came from a very small town with a small school he still knew who I was.

Don't pay any mind to the one on the bottom left, she is much better now!

We had this irritable emotional pregnant PE teacher.  She was a pain in the ass, she would bitch at us at every cost.  I hated PE and I used it as a social class.  I don't remember much about what happened but a friend of mine and I gave her attitude, things were said and she screamed to us about seeing the principal.  I laughed under my breath because I had known him for so many years so I knew he'd tell us to be nice.

I was wrong.

We were made to do Saturday detention.  I had never had detention before.  I was expelled from school one time because I punched a little punk out for calling me a fat whale.

Saturday detention wasn't too bad, the teacher that gave it pretty much saw it as a waste of time considering he decided to ask us questions and if we got them right we got to go home.

One day I'll tell you more about my adventures from the class of 1998.


  1. I was pretty much a play by the rules sort of kid but I did get sent to the principal's office and had detention once!

  2. It sounds like your biggest crime was that you were not willing to be a pushover. I like it!


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