10 things I never knew until I was a mom

You hear the never ending phrase growing up, mainly from your mom: "I hope your kids are just like you!" Thanks for the curse mom. These are the 10 things(out of many) I learned when I became a mom:
You have no shame
What do I mean when I say that? I mean, it starts from when you gave birth. When you have your legs open to God and the world, it doesn't matter who is looking at your lady bits, you just want that kid out! After you give birth, you don't care if you are walking around in just your underwear, no bra, especially if you are breastfeeding. People come over and you don't even blink an eye that they can see your nipple even if they feel uncomfortable. As the kids get older, they figure out how to undress themselves and take off their diaper. They don't care who sees their backsides or even frontsides! My kids are 9, 7, and 10 months and I still walk around with nothing and they don't give two squats about it.
You have to hide your favorite treats Even with my 10 month old I still have to hide whatever goodies I'm trying to devour. He is already throwing a fit like a 2 year old if I even take a bite out of a cookie without letting him have a nibble. My older ones have outsmarted me so I literally have to wait until they are in bed before I even think about ripping open anything I don't want to share with them.
You can't remember the last time you shaved your legs or even put on makeup My husband hates hair on my body except my head and he has no problem letting me know when I'm getting a bit stubby. Sometimes I can get away with a week but once he starts calling me Harry thats when he's had enough of my no shaving strike. I did buy some makeup one day and he was shocked. I guess I have been letting myself go. I used to be pretty. Ok, enough of that.
You know all the words to kids shows and sing along I have not watched an episode of "Yo Gabba Gabba" since my daughter was younger. She is almost 8 now and she decided to put it on for the baby. In an instant I realized I was singing the song..all the songs on the show. All I was thinking was "wow, what have I become?"
Sometimes your kids teach you more than you teach them My oldest son is in the 4th grade. I have not been in the 4th grade since 1988. Things changed quite a bit since then. Education and expectations were a lot different now then they were then. I lived in Louisiana when my dad was in the army. Teachers were allowed to paddle where I went to school. Nowadays if the teacher even lays a hand or says any negative words they are sued. My son is learning so much more than I did when I was that age and thats when I learned that multiplication is a lot easier than I thought it was.
You say things you thought you never would say Calling your husband daddy is the most creepiest thing ever.
Sometimes you have to take a time out I honestly thought I'd never have kids, I loved sleeping, I loved to party, I loved being spontaneous. I had my first when I was 25 so I did have time to enjoy life but having kids does take away some of the things you do love believe it or not. I had this conversation with my aunt about taking time out, she doesn't think a mom should really do that but I believe if you want to keep your sanity it should be done on occasion.
Housework takes up most of your time I admit, I would rather just lay in my sweats and watch "The King of Queens"(I have a mad crush on Kevin James) all day than do any kind of housework but I know if nothing gets done then the house would literally fall apart. My husband and kids rely on me for pretty much everything. My husband can be worse than the kids but if you are a wife you know this already!
You have no privacy Oh, you want to take a bath/shower all by yourself? You better make sure the kids are in school and the baby is napping. You want to go to the potty without an audience, tough doodoo honey. You might as well get used to it.
All in all motherhood is the most rewarding, stressful, fun, and a lifelong job you will love and loathe!
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  1. Housework might be my LEAST favorite of all. And it never ends. Great list!


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