Why did I think this would be fun?!?

So, my husband has been working in East Texas for the past month and wanted me to stay with him for the week so excitedly I obliged, I mean who doesn't love staying in a free hotel? You have a maid every day to change your sheets, your towels, your garbage bin, and they vacuum! When was the last time anyone vacuumed in your house? What mom doesn't want someone to do things for them every day? The downside is is that you. are. in. a. hotel. A room with a TV, a bed, a phone, and a bathroom. Thats it. Ok, free wi-fi is always good of course. The first couple days I was like, "Ok, I can deal." The next couple days I want to strangle my husband for talking me into this, but I miss him when he's gone but 12 hours a day in a hotel with no car. No bueno baby. Its the day before I leave to go back home and I feel like I'm in a jail, which is ironic considering my husband is a correctional officer. My 10 month old is even looking at me like "Mom, seriously, I'm going to lose my mind and I'm not even 1." But overall I did have a mini-vacation away from everyone. Maybe I should have avoided facebook for the week.. That is crazy talk! Maybe I do need to go back home.


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