Pinterest junkie?

Who?  Me?


Ok..well, I guess a little..


Ok.  I love Pinterest.  My husband makes fun of my addiction but he also knows I have found a lot of great recipes and things to do to spend my time with.

The last 5 pins I would have to go back and remember because once I get on, I pin to my hearts content and then have to go reorganize my pins.  A few months ago I went through all my pins, got rid of the ones I can't go into and the ones that were labeled spam.  I usually pin Chinese food recipes since my husband loves it.

Lets go into my pinterest and see what new things I found!

A friend of mine used to make these all the time and I saw them the other day and wanted to make them soon.

My husband loves these and instead of buying them at the Sushi area of our grocery store it would probably be cheaper if I made them myself!

Work out ideas
I'm always trying to find new ways to get some exercise in daily.  I used to do monthly challenges..which meant I did them for a couple weeks then something would come up, I would forget then I'd have to double and triple them for the next few days.  I have a bunch of pins on this board and I honestly should start utilizing them!

I LOVE love love this quote.  Ever since I met my husband I live by this quote daily.  When I'm mad at him I remember this and I feel better.  This sign is now sold out but I still keep it on my pins.

This coffee cake is AMAZING, no really, you will devour it!
Iced Pumpkin Coffee Cake


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